Comprehending the Story of the Bible 30: Deuteronomy 4-5 cont…

(Post 29, Session 39 has unfortunately been lost in a computer problem. In light of Christmas, we took some time to discuss the different announcements in the gospels regarding Jesus. I’m leaving the space for this session should it be recovered in the future.)

Session 40 is a parenthesis within our class which focuses on the question of repentance and its nature. We talk of orbiting the “fear of the Lord” and why this central to repentance in light of the Day of the Lord. We also look again at Psalm 119 and how critical it can be in centralizing prayer around the Torah.

Session 41 returns to our study continuing through Deuteronomy 4-5. We discuss the three tiered promise of YHWH to Israel to not fail them, destroy them, nor forget the covenant which He has swore to them. We examine Moses magnum opus in Deuteronomy 4 and discuss the contents of chapter 5 in detail finally completing chapter 5.

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