The Song of Moses

Ha Azinu Painting

(Painting Credit: Yoram Raanan)

The hardly famous chapter of Deuteronomy 32 in our Bible rarely receives the attention it deserves. Called “Ha Azinu” in Hebrew, it simply means the first word of the song, Listen.

Jacob Stone and I have been working for many months to produce a music track with the reading of Deuteronomy 32 over it. This is the first rough draft with me reading, however the final cut will have Jacob’s voice over which will be welcomed addition.

The song recently was given it’s crucial component as we met an Israeli Backpacker that sung the entire song for us in his Yemenite Hebrew order. This vital addition has truly made the song something special, and why I am posting rather early on in the production process because it is too special to not share. I pray that it blesses you to meditate on this Everlasting Song that is truly a prophecy of Israel’s past, present, and future.


Faceless: The Witness EP

Faceless The Witness

(artwork by Wes Harmon:

Behold the Lamb is the first song on our new 7 song EP that can be downloaded for free here:

This song was born in our house church on an acoustic guitar one Sunday morning. As we began worship I felt the overwhelming need to take our eyes off of ourselves and our circumstances and focus our gaze intently upon Jesus on the Cross. I had been wondering if it was possible to write a whole song based on the cry of John the Baptist in John 1 regarding the Lamb of God. The Holy Spirit caused this chorus to erupt just as we began worship that one Sunday and ever since it is one of my favorite songs to begin worship with. Though the phrases are simple I have personally witnessed light bulbs going off in peoples heads as the song is sung. It’s kind of a “Oh yeah, that’s what worship is about,” moment which helps people enter into actually beholding the Lamb of God. I thank Jesus for giving us this song to worship Him!