It’s Not ABOUT Me

Afacelesswitness is a site devoted to free resources from the persons of Faceless music… but it’s not about Faceless.

Faceless stands as it reads controversially in the face of humanity’s need to have a face for everything––even within Christianity! The Gospel of a crucified Messiah actually demands that there be no representative face within its proclamation other than the precious and perfect, while bloodstained and beaten, representative face of Jesus. Today there are many theological men who are face-full. I’m grieved with this representation of the Gospel and for the men who build yachts from their own names and sail around on the seas of glory Jesus deserves. Let’s sink our own ships together in the blood of Christ!

Within the confines of this blog I find the utmost candor, comfort and freedom to express what songs and words I have beheld in Jesus’ face while remaining as unknown as possible. This is not reactionary––this is Gospel! Herein you will find songs, articles, poems, teachings, and discussions revolving around the witness of the Scriptures from Genesis to Revelation––i.e. the Gospel. This distinctly Jewish Gospel witness, held firmly by the Jewish apostles, has seemingly dwindled into an odd and arrogant gentile representation in these last days. This troubles me deeply. I don’t find it my responsibility to correct this, but rather to “contend earnestly for the faith which was once for all handed down to the saints,” (Jude 1:3). I am a Gentile who has joined himself to this distinctly jewish apocalyptic hope.

These songs are written for Jesus and His glory. These songs are also written for the church, to encourage, strengthen, exhort, rebuke, reprove, and help lead us all together to stand firm, and be found blameless until the day of Christ Jesus. In that day we all will tell the stories of our journey to inheriting eternal life. In that day I could only hope that these songs are primarily mentioned by Jesus as being songs He genuinely felt worshiped in, and secondly, having helped the saints stand firm persevering in the faith until He came. Even so, Maranatha! Come Lord Jesus!

*On a practical note, I realize that I use italics more than the average person. Words can be misunderstood, and the way the tongue articulates something is very different than the pen. Within this conundrum is my struggle to create the same emphasis in writing that exists in speech. Hence, the use of italics I find to be extremely usefulplease forgive their overuse within this blog.

4 thoughts on “It’s Not ABOUT Me

  1. I’m just now finding your blog site. Joel Richardson mentioned it in one of his videos. The one on the Kingdom of God is I where I am right now. That’s a topic most interesting to me for years.

    Do you have a home group? Where are you located? That might not be something you care to disclose. I am in a home-group in Alabama. I’m 71 y.o. Female who came to Yeshua in autumn of 1971. I “left the building” over 10 years ago in search of finding out more about what this true walk with Yeshua is supposed to look like.

    Thanks for your audios. I plan to listen to more.


  2. I heard of this blog whole watching one of Joel Richardson’s presentations on the Book of Revelation. I’m keen to find the lost gospel, and I intend work my way through your blog in search of it, as I can sense it’s presence here. I think one of the signs of its presence in a person’s life is an INTENSE desire for ANONYMITY, just like with the Angels in the Apocalypse.
    I just want to be notified when new material appears here. I hope to be in touch in due course. Blessings.


    1. Hello Ike. Somehow I missed your message. Forgive me!
      I could only hope that this platform is a space for the Spirit to truly lead people in the Scriptures.
      Jesus is the revelation of this mystery. Let’s find Him together! Blessings.


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