Comprehending the Story of the Bible 32: Jesus as the Prophet Like Moses

In picking up where we left off with the importance of the Shemah in Deuteronomy 6, we also find what lies between the lines of Deuteronomy 4-5 by excavating Deuteronomy 18. In doing so, we begin to uncover the identity of Jesus as the Prophet like Moses. This session mainly handles the context of the details so as to frame where we are headed––the Gospel’s through new eyes. How did Jesus view Himself? What did He believe He was accomplishing? How intentional are His words, that are the very words of life? As we uncover these questions the answers are truly astounding. Prepare to see Jesus as He might have seen Himself.

Here is the second part of the session which was incidentally left off last week. 

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3 thoughts on “Comprehending the Story of the Bible 32: Jesus as the Prophet Like Moses

  1. Steven, (sp?) I discovered you on Joel Richardson’s YouTube channel a few days ago. My name is Brent, I’m 23. God has used you to confirm His word to me. I’ve been wrecked. Hearing about the gospel from Genesis to Revelation, & specifically how it built in the Old Testament, (covenants upon covenants) is something I’ve been intrigued with, & God has used you to fire me up & stir me on towards knowing His word more, His ways, & most important knowing Yeshua more! Which is my hearts cry. So I want to thank you…and appeal to you to not linger, to not second guess your drive, but to persevere. Your response towards His voice has furthered the purpose God has me on. Continue, for other’s purpose’s rely upon your daily forward steps. Blessings upon blessings brother,

    Ps, Is there an email to contact you further?


    1. Wow. Brent, this is super encouraging. So glad that you’ve been able to glean here and that it’s impacting your life. That’s the only reason I do it! Praise Yeshua. I’ve sent a message to your personal account in order to correspond further. Blessings brother.


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