Comprehending the Story of the Bible- 36

-Post 36 is Session 47 of this class-

This session is entitled: Approaching Deuteronomy 28 and Leviticus 26- The Holiness of YHWH and the Prophetic Spirit

What does it mean for us to carry a prophetic spirit? What does it mean to even be prophetic for that matter? What are the emotions of YHWH’s heart as expressed in the Scriptures, and through the vessels He chose to speak His words? Eat the scroll, it’s as sweet as honey! …but it will turn bitter in your stomach.

This session explores what it means to have a heart posture that approaches these two chapters of enormity in the Torah with tenderness, truth, and an honest assessment of what we think about YHWH’s leadership.

Session 47 Notes- Approaching Deuteronomy 28 & Leviticus 26


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