Comprehending the Story of the Bible 22: Israel and Eschatology

Session 32 begins with an audio of a Q&A time based on our discussion from last week regarding the time of the restoration of Israel, the lineage of Shem, Ham and Japeth, and the role of gentiles in the Biblical narrative.

Our second audio session works through the Covenantal Framework of the Scriptures and seeks to comprehend how the God of Israel is essentially just fulfilling what He said He would in real time and space over a period of thousands of years. This framework of covenants are simply the words YHWH spoke to His people Israel which will terminate in the restoration of the kingdom to Israel–the very kingdom the believing gentiles will be gathered into on this very earth.


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3 thoughts on “Comprehending the Story of the Bible 22: Israel and Eschatology

  1. I have been extremely blessed by following along in your study… I just finished this last lesson and look forward to more… I am starting from the beginning now with my wife… we know Joel Richardson thru FAI… just finished their Emmaus online course… read most of his books and just received his last one in the mail… if you have more literature or sources you recommend, I’d be grateful… God Bless your continued efforts…

    I’m also a good friend of Zach Trammell… He worked for me in my cabinet shop for a time as a youth and then after returning from Nepal… we have been on a similar journey as them, from religion to relationship…



    1. Hey Luke thanks for your comment. It’s great that you’ve come to know Joel. Close friend of mine and an amazing Bible teacher. I’d definitely also recommend I’ve run with those guys for the last ten years and am very thankful for them and know them all personally so I can vouch for their integrity in the gospel. Be blessed brother!


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