Comprehending the Story of the Bible 2: A New Lens to See the Scriptures

Sessions 3-4. Approaching the Scriptures with the right lens.

aka. Biblical Hermeneutics; i.e. Losing our gentile-centric lens.

The Mystery Revealed Bible Class- Feb 2020

7 thoughts on “Comprehending the Story of the Bible 2: A New Lens to See the Scriptures

  1. Just a question: Should we keep the Sabbath holy? What about the feast days? I feel alone in my quest to worship as I think maybe we should. And eating pork? Or is a heart issue and is it more important to concentrate on following Jesus teachings in the sermon on the mount? Thanks for considering this heart issue.


      1. No, even though maiden name is Abram; grew up Catholic, converted in Europe and now attend what some consider a liberal Church of Christ here in Tennessee. I have studied our Hebrew roots and would love your input. You are truly a blessing to all who love the Word. Dilemma would be finding like minded community to attend, etc. Carol

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      2. Hi Carol. I appreciate your thoughts and apologize it took so long for me to respond. With things like these, you are right, it’s hard to find like-minded community. For me, I believe in the Hebrew Roots of the Scriptures, but I wouldn’t consider myself part of the Hebrew Roots movement. I firmly believe that there is still a necessary distinction between Jew and Gentile that still functions within the gospel parameters. Similar to as a man and a woman in a marriage covenant create one flesh, and their own gender is necessary to create this unique reality, it is also necessary for Jew and Gentile to form One New Man, with each ethnicity joined together iN Christ creating this new reality. Therefore, just as a man and a woman have differing roles, so do Jew and Gentiles.

        Regarding Shabbat, and feasts, I believe Paul says it best when he says “One person regards one day above another, another regards every day alike. Each person must be fully convinced in his own mind.” It is up to each persons conscience, and what their convictions are in the Holy Spirit. We do a shabbat service together every Friday night as a family, but we don’t do it religiously. We do it in hope of the millennial reign of Christ and the future Sabbath we are striving to enter into when Jew and Gentile are finally joined together as One New Man when Jesus reigns from Jerusalem as the Son of David on the throne of David when He is finally confirmed as the Son of Abraham in the sight of all the nations and proven to be the crucified Son of God. Maranatha!


    1. I do. I’ve hit my first bump in this study. If we are grafted in to Israel (Gentile believers in Yeshua), and the law says all strangers that sojourn among B’nai Israel shall keep same law, and if we are to be consistent, why would the big 10 apply to us (except for the 4th one, Sabbath) and why would we follow the instructions of Lev 18 (sexual guidelines) and not think Lev 11 applied to us? I don’t believe Yeshua will eat anything but clean meat when He returns, and we are to live as He lives (James or John said that) why does this not apply to us? I follow my own conscience on this.


      1. I think you’re right on. Each person has to follow their own conscience on this and it is up to each persons response to what the disciples decided in Acts 15. This chapter stands for gentiles as the ruling for how we should approach the 613 laws as believers in the Jewish Messiah. Some may decide that they want to. If this chapter had merely said, “The gentiles should keep the law,” I don’t think gentiles would’ve ever denied that we should do this. Since this chapter is very clear however, that the men who walked with Yeshua made a decision for us in wisdom and led by the Spirit that we did not need to keep the law, then they believed it was not necessary for gentiles to do so, but rather have faith in the Man who fulfilled the law perfectly. So, that’s where I land on that. Blessings Myra.


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