Comprehending the Story of the Bible- 16

Session 25


Session 25 travels from Genesis 14 to Exodus 11 pondering what it means for YHWH to be the Creator of the heavens and the earth, and His activity in this sovereign role over the heavens, earth and man.

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Comprehending the Story of the Bible- 15

Sessions 23 and 24


Session 23 resounds 22 with more dialogue about the day of the Lord and the return of Jesus as we continue to try and set the table in approaching the main diagram we are exhausting.

Session 24 begins the journey of working through the actual Scriptures on our main diagram to finally see how all the hard work we’ve done so far is presented there. The goal, is for you to be able to see it yourself and present it to others based on the diagram.

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Comprehending the Story of the Bible- 14

Sessions 21 and 22


In session 21 we attempt to define the nature of the “Gospel” as defined from the Old Testament. 1 Corinthians 9 then projects us into the deepest question we as Christians must ask ourselves, “Am I a partaker of His Gospel?”

In Session 22 we fixate on the central passages which articulate the gospel, and the arrows in the New Testament which direct us back to the Old.

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Comprehending the Story of the Bible- 13

Sessions 19 and 20


Session 19 seeks to fill in the blanks in the Torah narrative regarding the details of Noah’s prophecy concerning Shem, Ham and Japheth in Genesis 9. We deduce that throughout history there has been a continued ignorance and rejection of what Noah said which has led to a hatred of the jewish people and underpins the nations rage against God Himself. Seeing this clearly gives a crystallized vision for what is coming in the future.

Session 20 goes further to discuss the subject of the “tents of Shem,” and seeks to answer the question of “why Jerusalem.” God’s choice of Jerusalem is a profound subject in Scripture that must be given appropriate attention in understanding the biblical narrative as a whole.

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Comprehending the Story of the Bible- 12

Session 18 continued from 17…


In this Session we continue to work through “The Identity of the God of Israel (YHWH)- The Instruction of Torah” handout (which is slide number 37 in the link above). We discuss herein the purposed interactions and events of the Torah by which the Creator is seeking to define Himself by. Essentially, in the Torah “God” becomes known as who He is throughout the remainder of the Scriptures. Often times these are processed as arbitrary happenings and their inherent meaning and instruction is overlooked. However, by precision and intentionality the Creator of all things reveals Himself in brutal clarity in the Torah as the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob–I AM–the Causative agent who is building all things towards His grand plan of redemption.


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Comprehending the Story of the Bible- 11


This is session 17 of the Comprehending the Story of the Bible class.

In the previous two classes we sought to define the boundaries and nature of the so called “playing field” of the Scriptures. We did this through observing the Bible’s worldview. In this class we seek to define the Characters of the Bible’s story, and begin to unravel the thread of how YHWH introduces Himself in the Torah. His interactions with men on the earth in the Torah are the essence of Who God wants to be known as, rather than the standard Greek approach concerned with the what of God’s nature. You will find yourself invigorated to forget past conceptions about God which are untenable, and joyfully approach Him as He presents Himself.

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Comprehending the Story of the Bible- 10


Biblical Worldview Outline of Passages

In this second class on worldview (continued from session 15), we work through the Scriptures attached to the heavens and the earth and the implications of the created order. We also end with discussing why earth is represented in the Bible distinctly as mans home– meaning it will be restored!


Question and Answer Audio:

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Comprehending the Story of the Bible- 9



NOTES: Biblical Worldview Outline of Passages

In this class we take a look at the structure of the sum total of all reality––the universe as we know it––which is the heavens and the earth. Through the observation of this “playing field” in the Scriptures we are able to gain a more concrete understanding of YHWH’s location in relation to the earth, and why He has seemingly gone through great effort to help us understand these things.

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Comprehending the Story of the Bible- 8


Chiliasm and the Millennial Week Handout

Session 14- In this session we examine the words of Scripture, Intertestamental literature, and the words of the early church fathers to see if the the ideas of Chiliasm are valid. We conclude that they are the fundamental basis for understanding time from Adam to today, and give us a sober bearing on the timing of the return of Jesus.

The slides referenced in this class can be found in the top link, while the handout being discussed and read through is the link below it.

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Comprehending the Story of the Bible- 7

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These two session focus on the “two ages” in Scripture: This Age, and The Age to Come. We discuss the characteristics of each age and that the Day of the Lord and the Return of Jesus are the catalyst that divides them.

Session 12- This Age vs. The Age to Come

Session 13 focuses on how the Torah separates Israel’s timelines into three very distinct timeframes. This is the basis for understanding what we see taking place throughout many generations with the covenant people, and what we will see in the future as the Father continues His covenant dealings with Israel.

Session 13- Moses Categories of “time” in Deuteronomy


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